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About Me

Cindy Sawyer



   At a very young age I learned that I'm never alone, have been here before and have a soul's plan with the details frequently unknown. Regardless of the roller-coaster ride my life experiences have taken me on, I knew I could always count on the love and guidance from the other side.


   Seeking answers and knowledge lead me on adventures around the world. Wherever I was drawn to explore the energetic connections. Often experiencing my own past lives, sometimes others or that of the history. Occasionally I've heard the 'voice' and a 2 by 4 on the back of my head to move me immediately to a different path.


  I'm fortunate to have studied and become certified with some great masters:

  •    Dick Sutphen [past-life regressions and spiritual counselor] 

  •    James Wanless [Voyager Tarot card reader and coach]

  •    Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas [master hypnotist, spiritual counselor, and channel] 

  •    Irene Williams Smith [personality astrology, tarot, healing, and future travel]

  •    Rhonda Kitts [Usui Holy Fire Level I & II reiki]

  •    Demian Allan, astrologer & Gary Wright, medium from the College of Psychic Studies, London


   I discovered DOLORES CANNON in the 90's through George Noory's CoastToCoastAM radio show. Her depth and vast amount of knowledge, conviction, and complete comfort with her beliefs put her at the top of my 'bucket list'. When the 'appropriate time and place' made itself known I didn't hesitate to study with DOLORES' and became certified in QHHT LEVEL I & II in 2013.


   I believe QHHT was the missing link in my quest. It allows me to guide others into the depths of who they are, past, present, and future potentials. To learn how their energy is intricately intertwined throughout time with cause and effect. I am humbled in the presence of the Higher Self while experiencing the intense love, wisdom, respect, and assistance during a Session.


I am merely a safe, loving, guidance tool, a key to help someone unlock the door of their uniqueness to who they are meant to be. We are all time travelers on a never-ending quest, searching the Universe to complete and fulfill our Soul's Plan. Come and time travel with me and meet your Higher Self.

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